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In 2012, the community of Longavi, in Chile, celebrated its 25 years

27 janvier 2013

On the 22nd December 2012, there was a great celebration in the Parish of St Laurence. The representatives of numerous rural communities, the inhabitants of Longavi, members of religious communities of the deanery, the associates of Longavi and a good number of the sister of Christ of the Province were gathered together to thank God for the 25 years of the presence of the community of the Sisters of Christ in the area.

The community of Longavi was founded in 1987…

At the moment, three sisters form the community: Teresita, Delphina and Marie Thérèse. The activities of one or the other are varied whether on the spiritual level or on the human and social level.

• In order to promote the care of the planet and arouse sensitivity for ecology, Sister Marie Thérèse and the associates of Longavi plant olive trees around the grotto.

• Sister Delfina goes out on her bicycle to give communion to the sick. Delfina belongs to the pastoral care of the sick ministry of the parish.

• Sister Terisita facilitates the prayer of the basic Christian community in the Grotto chapel at Longavi. A group of prayer gathers each week to share life and pray together. Each year, during the month of Marie from the 8th November to the 8th December, the Christian community gathers to pray the rosary according to the word of God.

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